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What It Means To Humanize A Brand And How Different Brands Do It Well

Think about your favorite brand — what does their voice sound like? How do they make you feel? The way a brand speaks to its audience and the feelings they provoke is the KEY to making a true, authentic connection! Your brand personality is the first thing that speaks to potential customers.

The more humanized your brand is, the more interaction and traction you will get, especially since 92% of consumers want companies to make their ads feel more like stories.

Think about it — storytelling is one of the most common ways humans interact and communicate. Why? Because it creates an environment that people feel comfortable in, and it entices them to express their personal ideas and opinions.

Humanizing your brand will also make your audience feel like they are talking to an actual human.

It can make your brand feel more trustworthy and approachable, and it helps establish a sense of credibility. Since social media is now one of the most dominant marketing tools a company can use, creating a connection and talking WITH your audience instead of AT them is especially important.

Simply put, humans respond more positively to other humans, so giving your brand a personality and a soul can help you get the response you're looking for from your audience. Here are a few tips on how to humanize your brand to get the best response from your audience!

  1. Establish a well-rounded marketing plan. Humanizing your brand is not easy, and it cannot be done by winging it. You have to have a plan! Set specific goals, and map out actionable tasks to help get you there.

  2. Update your "About Us" section on your website. This is typically one of the first places potential customers look when trying to make sense of what your brand is all about. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand’s soul with a story about how it all started in the first place and what goals are set for the future. A company that does this very well is Bulldog Skincare. This brand exemplifies the difference between "average" marketing and loveable marketing. Their About page is infused with color and personality that stays true to their unique brand voice! You immediately feel a connection to their mission and values, creating a memorable experience that customers are sure to come back for.

  3. Take your customers behind the scenes. Your audience loves to know what goes into the products they are buying, and one easy way to do this is through social media. It gives your customers a connection to an actual face instead of just a logo! One brand that does this very well is Third Love. They use Instagram stories to show their design process, the manufacturing process, and even company photo shoots. Using their social platforms to showcase these behind-the-scenes moments shows their audience that they are real people, which helps build emotional bonds and entices repeat purchases.

  4. Use video. Video content has proven to be the most effective in capturing your audience's attention and keeping them engaged. Why? Because they establish a deeper connection! The dog supplement company GreenGruff does an excellent job showing the soul of its brand with video through Instagram Reels. Each Reel digs deep into their brand voice and speaks directly to their audience on a personal level.

  5. Make it humorous. Not everything has to be business 24/7, especially when you are trying to humanize your brand! Using humor to lighten the mood by getting people talking about your company will help build a connection with your audience that they feel drawn to. Sugarwish uses humor in their brand voice to showcase their personality extremely well. Not only does it show the lightheartedness of the brand, but it also gives their audience a glimpse into what their company is all about — sweet happiness.

  6. Engage with your audience. This tip is especially important for your social media strategy. These platforms are customers’ go-to for interacting with you, asking questions, and building a deeper understanding of your brand! Engaging with them in real-time helps to connect with your followers, allows you to share stories, and builds essential trust. Tea Street is a brand to watch when it comes to interacting with its customers. Not only do they add engaging content to their social strategy, but they also do an excellent job at following up with those efforts and keeping the conversations going.

  7. Talk to your audience like they are your friend. All of your copy should read like you are having a conversation with your best friend. Build up an image or persona of your ideal customer. It will be clear in your content exactly who you are speaking to and why they matter! One brand that does this very well is Chipotle. A quick dive into their social media platforms will leave you feeling like you've been friends with this brand for years, and they don't stop there. Their campaign strategies, email marketing, and app experience all align to create the same, familiar feeling that their customers can count on and trust.

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